A response to “I am not a Netflix and chill kind of girl”

Okay, so first of all, I’m pretty sure I am a Netflix and chill kind of girl. Because let’s be real. I love laying in bed/on my couch with a hottie eating snacks and watching pretend characters who I have formed an unrealistic emotional attachment to be rich and do things I can’t do.

“Take me somewhere. On a vacation. A trip to South Beach, a flight to Miami for Ultra Music Festival, a ticket to the Minnesota State Fair. Spoil me. But not always. I’m not a needy girl. Take me to the little hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant on 53rd and James.”

Mmmm okay. Because those of us who like Netflix and chilling (yes, it’s a verb now) hate vacations and free food.

“I don’t want your money. Not always.” (Only when we go out because I’m not paying for anything.) “I really just want your time.” (All of it. I probably won’t let you hang out with your friends.) “I don’t mind cuddling on the couch for a movie.” (By that I mean laying in a position that makes your arm completely numb and if you wake me up when I fall asleep I’ll be crabby.) “And I don’t mind pizza, especially when it’s pepperoni, sausage, and onion,” (we can only get the kind of pizza I like or I won’t eat it and if you agree to get my kind and I still have to eat pizza-ugh, I’ll complain about my diet the whole time while blotting the grease off) but I don’t want the same routine. (You have to plan a new, fun activity everyday or you aren’t trying hard enough.) “I don’t want the TV over the sound of your voice.” (Unless you’re being annoying, then I’m turning the TV up.)

“Some days I am content just lying next to you. Not saying anything. Just feeling your heartbeat and mine, letting my mind wander to future dates, future memories, future adventures.”

How does this make you anymore fun or interesting than someone who watches Netflix….?

“I’m not the kind of girl you can call when you’re lonely. The girl you know you can text and she’ll always pick up.”

First of all, I haven’t yet found the feature on my iPhone that allows me to pick up a text message (??). I do agree with the author here though, please don’t call me when you’re lonely. I don’t love talking on the phone. Those conversations are reserved for my grandma. But you can text me and I’ll always respond because my read receipts are on and I don’t want you to think I’m mean. Also I’m probably Netflix and chilling by myself so some conversation is appreciated.

“I want to go to bed every night exhausted. Wake up every morning renewed.”

Funny, I can think of something you can do while Netflix and chilling that can give you that same exhaustion and renewal. If it isn’t working, you are Netflix and chilling with the wrong person.

“I don’t want to be bored by you.”

I hate to break it to you, but everyone is boring sometimes (yes, even you). It’s when you find people you can be boring with and still not be bored that you realize you have a new bff. If you can Netflix and chill with someone and it’s fun, you can likely do anything with them and not be bored. Personally, I’d rather have that trait in my husband than someone with money who can take me to Paris (bonus for you if you found someone who can do both, you go Glen Cocoa).

If you haven’t read the article this response is for yet and would like to, here is the link to it: http://thoughtcatalog.com/marisa-donnelly/2015/11/i-am-not-a-netflix-and-chill-kind-of-girl/